MRB-217P40 is a newly released 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery by IMALENT , specially designed for high drain flashight consumption,it optimizes all kinds of design,with high capacity and performance,safety features.compact size,compatible

with various kinds of high drain flashlights.The IMALENT MRB 217P40 will definitely

be your best choice of 21700 Li-ion rechargeable btteries for MS03 and MS03W


High performance Li-ion 3.6V

Type C rechargeable battery,4000mAh

Specially designed for high drain flashlights

Safety Co-efficency,environmentally friendly,

high performance,and high quality

Specially made high-performance circuit

board for battery protection:

Automatically protects against overcharge,over discharge and battery short circuit

High-quality battery protection IC

The battery power regulation module utilizes five powerful MOS FEE for better eficiency and superior output


Model:MRB 217P40



Charging Current:.Recommended 2A(Maximum)


Size:Diameter 2lmm,Length75mm

Warranty Period:The applicable warranty period(12 months)

commences on the date that the product is purchased


Avoid the battery

from immerse with water and expose to fire.

When charging or using the batteries ensure the positive and negative terminalscorresond with the positive (+)

and negative(-) symbols on the devices. To extendattery lfeit is recommended that the MRB 217P40 is charged

every threemonthes ofunused period.keep out of the reach of chilren.

If swallowed,please seek medical advice immediately.

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