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Imalent is a powerful LED torch brand that makes exceptional bright handheld torches. Imalent torches offer the most extraordinary illumination performance imaginable to light up dark places.

Thrived to push the limits of the LED torch technology, every challenge starts with the same question. How can we create the next iconic, powerful LED torch? The passion runs right through Imalent flashlight. And our pursuit of challenging the current highest standard is evident in every rechargeable LED torch we design.

The art of science, the science of Powerful Torches.

The vision for the Imalent Torches was simple: to create the most powerful and portable illumination solution for the world. It was a goal that called upon the ultimate in Imalent's choice of design. That means equipping the most reliable and most-powerful LEDs in the LED industry. And - in an LED torch first - Creating a built-in active cooling system. And introducing a Current Control Module to boost performance temporarily when you need it. And provides more battery sustainability when you don't. The result? A torch with 100,000 lumen output that's capable of illuminating a football court with ease, it's called IMALENT MS18 - the world's brightest torch ever

And the record of 100,000-lumen has been broken in 2023 by the IMALENT SR32 with 120,000 lumens, a super bright LED torch that combines the best of the previous torch including a metal handle design, a battery pack that supports PD100W fast charge, and a newly designed cooling system that's primarily optimized for noise reduction, and more!

Powerful Torches

Powerful torches, like other emergency equipment, are necessary for a majority of indoor and outdoor situations. With footsteps men have left in what used to be mysterious and unknown, powerful torches provide sufficient illumination for exploring, self-protection, and life-saving situations. With the help of powerful torches, the ambitions of men unfold the chapter of future glory that is brighter and safer.

LED Torches

LED torches made life easy. Travelers are constantly facing unexpected situations in places they might not be familiar with, and a LED torch can help them find road signs or their way home much easier in the dark. If you find yourself trapped or disoriented at night, a powerful LED torch can be an important factor in your survival, either use it to provide necessary illumination or signal with a beam that can reach a long distance, it will certainly help to get you out of trouble. Some LED torches like Imalent MS03 can produce an intense beam to temporarily blind wild animals for self-protection, while lightweight and compact. Different low-high modes can be very flexible when it comes to solutions for different illumination needs.

Imalent Torches

Superior quality, high brightness LEDs, high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion batteries, active cooling system, OLED screen. At Imalent, we are very comfortable breaking new ground. As a result, we introduced the brightest and most innovative options of LED torches in various fashions. The MS18 is the ultimate dominant in the whole LED torch category with a staggering 100,000 lumen output. In more portable categories such as can-size torches, we offer several torches with over 50,000 lumen output in different design preferences. As for the more popular EDC torches, Imalent MS03 is also the brightest EDC torch ever. And IMALENT LD70 is the brightest mini torch with an astonishing 4000 lumen output for you to hang on your keychain. Depending on whether you need some extra features, we always certainly have the best to offer.


Imalent UK store is the official IMALENT store for users from the Great Britain.

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IMALENT SR16 55000 Lumen Torch - imalentstore.co.uk
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The Brightest EDC Torch IMALENT MS03 13000 Lumen - imalentstore.co.uk
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IMALENT LD70 4000 Lumens Brightest Mini Torch
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