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Imalent Accessories and Batteries

Imalent powerful torches are some of the finest work themselves, and they can better serve your need with Imalent accessories. 

Imalent torch accessories are torch chargers, batteries, holsters, bags, repair parts, and a cooling shell made for MS08/RS50. You can buy spare batteries for extended use of the torch, or head glass for replacing the broken head glass. 

Most of the smaller Imalent torches are using magnetic chargers, the chargers come in different specifications, make sure you get the right charging cable for your torch! 

If you want to get a couple of spare batteries for your torch, please choose the right battery type. Although torches like MS12 Mini, MR90, and SR16 use the same battery pack, you can't put the battery pack of MS18 on any of them. MS03 and MS06 are using different batteries too, MS03's battery cell has a type-C charging portal on itself, while MS06 battery cell is sealed and can only be charged while placed in the torch.

The cooling shell is specifically made for MS08 and RS50, other torches won't be able to fit in.

Wish you enjoy using Imalent torches!