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Imalent R-Series Torches

Imalent R-Series Torches - Super long beam distance

Unforgettable visual sensation. Imalent R-Series comes with some of the world's brightest long range torches. Reveal the exceptional beam in R-Series allowed us to bring light to where need it from miles away. SR16 is the brightest R-Series torch with 55,000 lumen output and 1715 meters of reach distance, also as the Imalent first powerful torch with an metal handle design .  

Imalent R-Series represents the best long distance lighting solutions from Imalent, from the EDC LED torch R30C to the most recent SR16, each R-Series torch is equipped with the latest LED for maximum throw distance. R-Series is always the one with the most innovations, the combination between long throw LEDs and SMO reflectors gives these powerful torches extreme performance in beam distance and a good degree of flood performance.

The Imalent R-Series are also equipped with the latest Imalent technologies, including cooling system, high-drain,high capacity Li-ion batteries, electric lock, aluminum alloy body ,and more. 

What's the difference between your M-Series and R-Series?

Both M-Series and R-Series are upgraded with the latest Imalent technologies, but they are built for different scenarios.

M-Series are powerful LED torche that can generate massive flood light, they have a wide beam angle and generally higher lumen output. The R-Series generate more focused beams to maximize beam distance, they have a narrower beam angle and can illuminate something from a greater distance. 

World's First Dual-Beam Powerful Torch

Imalent MR90 is one of the most powerful Imalent Torch ever - a true lumen monster. Technology and craftsmanship combine, a powerful flood module equipped with 8 pieces of CREE XHP70.2 LEDs and a spot module equipped with a top-class XHP 90.3 LED, integrated and allowing a max output of 50,000 lumens with a max beam distance of 1586 meters, creating something remarkable.

The Longest Throw Torch 

Overawes many, while making others celebrate. The Imalent SR16 powerful torch feature 16 pcs of high-performance CREE XHP50.3 LEDs with up to 55,000 lumen output and 1715 meters of max throw distance. Even though the beam performance is already more than impressive, every detail of the SR16 has been optimised, honed and refined. 

The newly designed IMALENT SR32 is the current brightest long range torch, with a max beam distance of 2080 meters. 

R-Series Safety and Storage

Imalent R-Series are using high-drain, high-capacity Li-ion batteries, they are extremely powerful and might cause problems for others or yourself if used irresponsibly.

Please use the electric lock function after using the torch, or you can simply unscrew the torch while storing it.

Best Use For Imalent R-Series

The most popular applications for R-Series users are hunting, search and rescue, military use, etc. R-Series are not pure spotlights, even with great throw distance, their ability to illuminate a large area is brilliant, unlike other spotlights that simply create a heat spot, Imalent R-Series torches create a more practical and useful beam without a noticeable heat spot.


The Imalent R-Series are powerful torches with incredible beam distances because of the combination of SMO reflectors and specialized LEDs. The R-Series introduced some of the most significant innovations in the Imalent torch collection. IMALENT SR32 has the Longest throw beam distance, reaching 2080m and outputting an impressive brightness of 120,000 lumens. Because of the high beam intensity, most R-Series torches can turn into lightsabers.