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Imalent MS-Series Torches

Imalent MS-Series - Magnificent luminance, Defining the mastery of mass illumination.

One of a never-before kind of art. Started with the world's first and only 100,000 lumen LED torch MS18. A brighter world just a click away, hold the darkness out with uncompromising brightness. A portable sun in the palm of your hand. We're excited for you to meet the Imalent MS-Series.

Imalent MS-Serie represents the ultimate balance of leading LED technology, a full disclosure of the most advanced lighting solution. Combining a full aluminum alloy structure with extraordinary design materials. The result is a line of the world's brightest LED torches.

The beating heart of Imalent MS-Serie is its innovative current control management with the best LEDs. This is the most efficient, power-driven current control solution ever fitted to a LED torch, increasing 13.6% of lumen output in general. The extreme brightness of MS-Serie is intensified by specialized high-drain, high-capacity Li-ion batteries, contributing a longer sustained time of high lumen output. Once unleashed, Imalent MS-Series can illuminate any large area with ease.


How to Choose Your First MS-Series Torch

Every LED torch from the MS-Series is different, they are varied in size, lumen output, cooling design, and battery type. Understand which features you consider the most important, and you'll soon find your ideal torch. 

Small EDC MS-Series Torch

Imalent MS03 is the brightest EDC torch available, with a whopping 13,000 lumen output and 324 meters of beam distance. Weighing in at 0.41 lbs, the MS03 is the perfect EDC torch for home use, outdoor activities, farming, and a backup torch for search and rescue torches like the MS12 Mini.

Brightest Can-size torch MS12 Mini

Imalent MS12 Mini is the second brightest torch in the MS-Series, capable of producing up to 65,000 lumen output and a beam distance of 1036 meters. It reaches a perfect score in lumen: size ratio, and brings large area illumination wherever, and whenever you need it. MS12 Mini is a great handhold torch for search and rescue missions, livestock security, hunting, and more.

The World's brightest torches 

The Imalent MS18 is purposeful and powerful. When fully charged, this powerful torch unleashes a flood beam of 100,000 lumens output with 1350 meters of reach distance. It can also provide a stable output of 25,000 lumens for 52 minutes, providing an outstanding amount of illumination to light up large areas. MS18 is widely used by ranch owners, border patrols, police departments, and more.  

The Imalent SR32 is the new world brightest torch, this super bright torch has a max output of 120,000 lumens with 2080 meters of beam distance. As the latest IMALENT torch, it supports PD100W fast charge and two-way charging, this powerful flashlight can be fully charged within 90 minutes.

MS-Series design philosophy: simple and practical

Almost every MS-Series Torch are designed with one metal button, which helps to deliver immediate response according to the user's request, also providing easy access to special modes such as Turbo and Strobe in emergencies. Every design detail is the same. Created to maximize its performance, strengthen reach, intensify output, and enhance illumination, beautifully.

Safety and Storage

Imalent MS-Series are powerful torches, please understand they are dangerous if the user doesn't understand their power, it's important to set the torches to lock mode after use, so they won't turn on by accident.


The Imalent MS-Series is the most powerful torch series, each of them is the absolute leading power compared to other torches of similar size. While smaller ones like the MS03 is great for EDC use, other torches such as MS18 are widely used by professionals such as the military, border patrol, police departments, ranch owners, rescue team, etc. Understand these torches are not toys and use them responsibly.

Imalent MS18 is the world's brightest torch since 2020, we are continuously advancing our technical results and actively working with the best LED brands such as CREE for future models.

And between you and me, the future of brightest long range torch is HERE