Whatever IMALENT LED flashlight you pick, you’re sure to have a light that you can rely on to brighten up your world.

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Imalent LED Torches

Everything has been approached revolutionary, The Imalent LED Torches collection truly is a game changer. The striking illumination performance and innovative technologies added by Imalent are leading the next generation of powerful LED torches. Imalent LED torches come as close as possible to being a lighthouse with great portability. Its extraordinary performance with lumen output is the direct result of our partnership with top-class LED brands such as CREE and Luminus with all the Imalent's dedication to the cleverly crafted powerful torch. These Imalent LED torches are long past the dim history of incandescent or HID torches, Imalent LED torches are brighter, more durable, and more eco-friendly.

Imalent LED torches push the boundaries of performance; a remarkable journey in constantly challenging the impossible makes them possible. Just over 3 years ago, a torch with a 30,000-lumen output is considered extremely bright, until Imalent introduced its brightest LED torch Imalent MS18 with a staggering 100,000-lumen output, settles the debate of the question: which is the world's brightest torch. Surpassing others by many, the king never dies, until today, Imalent MS18 is still the world's brightest torch. But it's not the end, it is merely the start of a great journey of prophecy. Something is coming because we are not satisfied with just being the best.

While the Imalent MS18 rules the category of bright LED torches, we constantly think of the question: how to bring better portability to powerful torches? Hence the Imalent MS03, a small EDC torch with stunning 13,000 lumens, weighing at 0.41 lbs, the palm-size MS03 is three times brighter than a set of vehicle headlights. These torches helped men to achieve some of the greatest adventures in places where the mysteries unfold for the first time.

Imalent LED torch's unrivaled performance comes from the integration of the latest technologies of LED, Li-ion battery, current-control, cooling system, and more. Not what you'd call a traditional LED torch, the Imalent LED torches are smart and power-boosted. Any brighter, it would challenge the sun.

Imalent torches are optimized for structure, Minimising burden while pushing the output:weight ratio to the max. No matter which Imalent LED torch you own, you're sure to have a light you can rely on to illuminate your world.

Bright and Powerful Torches

Imalent leads the future of powerful and bright torches. While we designed the world's brightest torch MS18 with professional applications such as search and rescue in mind, Imalent also has a wide range of powerful torches made for other applications, such as EDC torches, tactical torches, hunting torches, and more. They are designed as a lighting solution for a variety of outdoor activities. 

In some applications, a powerful torch with a long-range beam might be ideal, Imalent also has long-distance torches that can produce a powerful and focused beam for illumination from a distance.

Imalent torches are more than an ordinary LED torches with more power. Through modern features such as a built-in cooling system, a current-management module, and an OLED display. And utilizes high-drain, high-capacity Li-ion batteries, offering a reliable and intelligent user experience and improving the overall performance of the torches.

Imalent torches are designed for a variety of applications, including special operations such as search and rescue, border patrol, police manhunt, offshore illumination, etc. Some torches are so powerful and visually shocking, they have been used in some well-known movie productions such as the "Mummy".

Imalent also produces EDC torches with more compactability. These rechargeable EDC torches bring you pure power of light, combined with unexpected convenience. The operative design is straightforward and delivers easy access to outstanding illumination effortlessly. You can click once to turn on/off the torch, double-click for turbo, another double-click for strobe, different models are designed with slightly different additional features, but the electric lock is established in all models.

At Imalent, we have a vast collection of powerful LED torches in different sizes and lumen output, so check out our vast LED torch collection and pick the one that works for you! It will quickly become your next favorite.

Imalent EDC Torches

EDC torches are compact and capable of accomplishing most of your daily requirements, it's a small torch you can use to find your way home at night, and helps you to see dark corners around home and outdoors. Imalent EDC torches do more than that, be the brand with some of the brightest EDC torches, exclusive features that were only seen on bigger torches are also a part of every Imalent EDC model, each Imalent torches have features like Turbo, Strobe, and electric lock.

"Torch lovers might collect different models from a wide range of torch brands, it's super fun and practical to have an Imalent torch too, nothing is more exciting to own one of the brightest torches in the world.

If you only need a torch out for purely practical reasons, why not just have the best? EDC torches are reasonable solutions for most cases such as walking your dog at night or needing a torch to walk through dark alleys after work. Imalent EDC torches such as the mini 4,000-lumen torch LD70, or the brightest EDC torch MS03 are equipped with emergency modes, the turbo and strobe can be used for self-protection, while the long duration on low-mode can provide necessary illumination during a power outage. 

If you work night shifts, then having a reliable and powerful torch is ideal. Imalent torches are high-quality and durable, the uncompromising use of the best materials such as aluminum alloy for torch body, and high-end LEDs are essential to its performance and provides brilliant impact resistance and water-proof rates.

Now, for users who are not quite familiar with the concept of the lumen, don't worry, because each Imalent torch can easily surpass your possible expectation. While the LED on your phones normally produces a 50-lumen beam, the smallest torch from Imalent can produce 200 lumens at its low mode and last for almost 4 hours, the emergency turbo mode can produce a 4,000-lumen beam equivalent to a set of car headlights, and reach 203 meters away.

For outdoor EDC uses such as illuminating your garden, you'd want a torch with more than 1,000 lumens to be efficient. While most of the brands consider 2,000 lumen is enough for daily needs, we beg to differ that a more powerful EDC torch can be more helpful and practical for safety reasons. In case you want the brightest EDC torch, Imalent MS03 can produce a beam that is 13,000 lumens with 324 meters of reach distance, which is fairly enough to illuminate a large ground. It can last for 2 hours at 1,300-lumen output for more sustainable use.

A EDC torch like R30C is designed to project a long throwy beam, while R30C has a lower lumen outoup at 8,000 lumens, it has a far better reach distance of 560 meters. Like the MS03, the R30C is powered by a 4,000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and quite compact for a powerful torch.

You can mount our EDC torches on your bike, allowing you to ride in the dark and be noticeable to drivers, it also enables you to go a bit off-road. Some of our EDC torches are so bright that you might want to be cautious with using the Turbo mode when near a car.

Brightest Torches

The Imalent MS18 is the world's brightest torch ever with an astonishing 100,000 lumens. It's capable of illuminating a whole village, an entire ship, or a whole football court, you name it. The first torch ever to be named: a portable sun in the palm of my hand.

The most powerful LED torches are the ones with the highest lumen output and longest beam distance, they are perfect for large area illumination, providing critical extra illumination for search and rescue missions, and more.

Imalent Powerful LED torches generally come with high-capacity rechargeable battery packs, they power the torches to maintain tens of thousands of lumen output for a long time. Industrial customers use these torches for security, surveillance, and large project inspections, and professional outdoor enthusiasts took them into deep caves and large unknown places that have never been shown to men fully until these powerful torches come.

Imalent MS-Series represents cutting-edge, high-output flood lights, they are using OP reflectors for even and flood beams. Along with the MS-Series are powerful R-Series torches using SMO reflectors and more throwy LEDs, they have a much greater reach distance and are commonly used as a searchlight to illuminate things from thousands of yards away.

Our MS-Series and R-Series torches are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Despite being the most powerful options in the industry, they are still compact and have a good duration.

Besides the EDC torches and Powerful Torches, We found something in between that has good lumen output and more compact than the EDC torches.

MS08 and RS50 are the twins of Imalent's innovation, being the first two torches in history to have an external heat shield, the issue of overheating torch bodies and heat-dissipation heat dissipation is in the past. While the rebellious MS08 produces 34,000 lumens of flood beam at max, the other sibling RS50 has the upper hand on its 1160 meters of throw distance. They both weigh 1.44 lbs, making both of them a decent, portable solution for large-area illumination.

Tactical Torches and Professional Torches

For the application of LED torches in professional fields such as law enforcement and the military, a tactical torch would do better. There are some crossovers between tactical torches and other categories of torches, but to be considered as a tactical one, the Turbo and Strobe modes are necessary to function when you face attackers or other emergency situations. While all of the Imalent torches are equipped with these two functions mentioned above, you probably want a more powerful one that is more effective in this kind of situation.

Visibility and stun effects at their best, Imalent tactical torches are powerful and left no corners unturned. If you work for the military or as a police officer, these features are rather important because a torch like this could potentially save you from trouble, your safety is the most convincing reason for choosing an Imalent tactical torch.

Made of aerospace aluminum, Imalent torches are rugged and unbreakable, Imalent tactical torches are reliable and ready for whatever comes.

Imalent torches generally come with a holster or a lanyard, they improve the portability of these torches as you can mount them on your belt, bigger torches like the Imalent MS18 have a specialized shoulder strap for maximum portability.

Imalent tactical torches are powerful and always stand by right where you can reach them the easiest. They have proven their durability and reliability in various situations, they are sure to become your next go-to option for tactical needs.

Camping and Hiking Torches

Head torches are often the most popular option among cavers and other scenarios in which you need your hands for other tasks.

With hiking, camping, fishing, and more. You probably need one that is more long-lasting and with great portability, Imalent MS03 and other camping torches are perfect for these situations.

Imalent camping torches are well-built and rated IPX8 for water and dust resistance. They are using high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion batteries and can be easily replaced for fast charging if you travel a lot.

We enjoy bringing innovative ideas into our designing of these torches, features like the exterior heat shield, OLED screen, Active cooling system, and other features are also available depending on which model you choose.

When camping at night, our torches provide long-lasting illumination at low modes, these low modes are normally between 150 - 800 lumens, providing sufficient illumination for your outdoor trips.

What's New In 2023?

Unafraid to make an entrance and proud to be the focus of attention, Imalent released three powerful LED torches with unique features in the year 2022. All of these can deliver over 50,000-lumen output effortlessly with different features ready for different challenges.

MS12 Mini - 65,000 Lumens

With the latest development of the Imalent Current Control System(ICCS) and a more efficient cooling system, MS12 Mini is made possible. It's the ultimate expression of performance. The brightest compact LED torch ever made, cutting through the night with an astonishing 65,000 lumens output.

No ambiguity, no room for misinterpretation. The brightest torch in the palm of your hand, unrivaled features included: the 5 standard low to high modes, a 65000 lumen turbo mode, a strobe mode, and a moonlight mode at 50 lumens. It allows a wide range of applications for the MS12 Mini, such as EDC use, camping, cave exploring, search and rescue, border patrol, and more.

MR90 - 50,000 Lumens

The Imalent MR90 is the world's first ultra-bright dual-beam LED torch. In darkness, we make our own light. Others follow our brilliance.

One of the most powerful Imalent Torch ever - a true lumen monster. Technology and craftsmanship combine, a powerful flood module equipped with 8 pieces of CREE XHP70.2 LEDs and a spot module equipped with a top-class XHP 90.3 LED, integrated and allowing a max output of 50,000 lumens with a max beam distance of 1586 meters, creating something remarkable.

SR16 - 55,000 Lumens

Our engineers like to talk about the most perfect LED torch ever. Incrediblle lumen output, whilst being comfortable to use and always ready to on the go. The Imalent SR16 rechargeable torch continues this philosophy.

Overawes many, while making others celebrate. The Imalent SR16 powerful torch feature 16 pcs of high-performance CREE XHP50.3 LEDs with up to 55,000 lumen output and 1715 meters of max throw distance. Even though the beam performance is already more than impressive, every detail of the SR16 has been optimised, honed and refined. 

IMALENT SR32- 120,000 Lumens

The IMALENT SR32 is the most powerful torch ever made, it represents the most powerful rechargeable LED torch, this powerful long range torch has 32pcs CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs and is refined with a new cooling system, a customized metal handle, and a high-capacity battery pack that supports PD100W fast charge, the Type-C charging cable and adapter will come with the package.