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EDC torches are the most popular type of torches because of their nature as a daily gadget, you'll need them for daily tasks such as finding something under the bed, car repairing, jogging at night, etc.

EDC torches are made to be compact and lightweight, valuing the compactness also comes with cut in lumen output. Until today, the majority of the EDC torches on the market are made to meet the basic requirements in the dark, At Imalent, we asked the question "Is it good enough?"

After years of research and our expertise on powerful torches, Imalent is ready to answer the question with a powerful EDC torch called MS03, an EDC torch weighs only 187 grams and can produce up to 13,000 lumen output. There is nothing as powerful in the whole EDC torch category.

What Is The Best EDC Torch For Me?

EDC torches can be very different from one to another, Understanding your applications for the torch is the first step in choosing your ideal torch while knowing the differences between key features help you to pick your ideal torch with confidence. 

1. Battery Type

Two main battery types are rechargeable battery and disposable battery, while disposable batteries are easily replaceablevelsechargeable batteries are more eco-friendly and save money in the long televelsll Imalent EDC torches are equipped with high-drain, high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

2. Lumen Output

With higher lumen output, your torch can bring more value for you in more scenarios, you'll also want a torch with flexible brightness levels for different scenarios, every Imalent EDC torch has 4 normal brightness levels plus two emergency modes called turbo and strobe.

3. Beam Pattern

EDC torches with SMO reflectors and throw-y LED are better with throw distance, they produce a narrower beam that reaches a great distance, Imalent R30C is a 9,000-lumen EDC torch with 560 meters of max beam distance. Do you prefer a flood beam or a long-range spotted beam? 

4. Portability

EDC torches can easily fit into your pocket, but there are more ways to carry one with you. Imalent EDC torches come with lanyards or holsters that will help you to carry them with ease.

5. Additional Features

You probably won't expect an EDC torch to have additional features, but features like a memory function help your torch automatically set the brightness level according to your previous choice while adding a typical tactical torch feature - strobe - to your EDC torch can help you for self-protection. Imalent EDC torches have all the above, and come with an electric lock, turbo, and more!

Imalent EDC Torches

Imalent EDC torches inherit from the iconic Imalent powerful torches, and are made to be brighter and rugged. With the uncompromising use of best materials, Imalent EDC torches are great options if you are looking for an EDC torch.

Imalent LD70 - 4,000-lumen torch

The Imalent LD70 is not only powerful, it is the most powerful mini LED torch ever made. With the highest-performing standard-production CREE XHP70.2 LED, it incorporates advanced rechargeable Li-ion battery solutions and simplistic design philosophy. This gem, to be produced only weighs 0.19 pounds, its performance as a floodlight is more than stunning with up to 4,000 lumen output, equivalent to a set of vehicle headlights.

Imalent MS03 - 13,000-lumen torch

The Imalent MS03 is born of the Imalent design philosophy: simple and practical. It's the most powerful EDC torch ever made, weighing only 0.41 lbs, capable of giving 13,000 lumen output at its best, and a beam distance of 324 meters. The MS03 takes the best features out of MS-Series, utilizes an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, aluminum OP reflector, and easy access to special modes such as Turbo and Strobe in emergencies. 

Imalent R30C - 9,000-lumen Torch

Turn night into day from a distance, The Imalent R30C LED torch illuminates brightly from the distance. Mastering the unique long throw Luminus SST70 LED, R30C pumps out a 9000 lumen beam at max with a beam distance of 560 meters. The R30C does not project a spotted beam, but a focused beam with some degree of flood, it has a less intense heat spot which is more practical when it comes to illuminating something far away.

Tips For EDC Torch Owners

After receiving your EDC torch, understanding how to properly use it can be important. Here are a few tips:

  • Always use the lock function after use.

  • Avoid exposing your torch to extreme environments.

  • Use emergency modes like turbo only when you need to.

  • Avoid pointing your torch toward cars on the road.

EDC Torches In Summary

EDC torches are designed to be small and easy to carry, while torches tend to use several kinds of light emitters, the best EDC torches use LEDs. Rechargeable EDC torches are more eco-friendly and save you money in the long run. You don't necessarily need a powerful EDC torch, but they are more helpful in most cases. Imalent EDC torches come with more lumen output and additional features.