What is the most powerful torch in the UK?

The IMALENT MS32 is the most powerful cutting torch among the many options available. Due to its unparalleled 200,000 lumen output, unparalleled Brightness, intelligent accessories, and long battery life, it is well-deservedly the world's No. 1.

Advanced Features

  • Smart OLED Display

    One of the standout features of the IMALENT MS32 is its bright OLED display. This display provides real-time information on various operational parameters, including battery voltage charging progress​ . This level of detail allows users to monitor the torch's performance and adjust it on the fly, enhancing efficiency and safety.

  • Rapid Charging and Battery Life

    The IMALENT MS32 has a high-capacity, replaceable battery pack that supports Type-C PD100W rapid charging. This enables the torch to be fully charged in just two hours, ensuring minimal downtime between uses​ ​. Moreover, the torch can operate on a single charge for up to 345 hours in its lowest mode, making it suitable for prolonged use in field operations and emergencies​ ​. The battery pack also doubles as a power bank, adding an extra layer of functionality for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Cooling System

    Given its immense power output, efficient heat management is crucial for the IMALENT MS32. The torch features an advanced cooling system with three high-speed fans and a pure copper radiator​. This system effectively dissipates heat, ensuring the torch remains cool to the touch even during extended periods of operation. The cooling fans are designed to be quiet, minimizing noise disruption in critical environments.

  • Durable Build

    Durability is crucial for any high-performance torch, and the IMALENT MS32 does not disappoint. The torch is robust and reliable, constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and toughened ultra-clear mineral glass​ ​. It is rated IP56 for water and dust resistance, making it suitable for harsh and demanding conditions​ ​.


The IMALENT MS32 is designed for various professional and recreational applications. Its exceptional Brightness and long beam distance make it ideal for:

  • Search and Rescue:

    The ability to illuminate vast areas and penetrate dark environments makes the MS32 an invaluable tool for search and rescue teams. Its durability and long battery life ensure it can be relied upon in critical situations​ ​.

  • Outdoor Adventures:

    For those who enjoy camping, hiking, or exploring, the MS32 provides unparalleled illumination, turning night into day. Its power bank function is also beneficial for charging other devices in remote locations​ .

  • Security and Patrol:

    Security personnel and patrol teams can benefit from the torch's powerful beam and extended runtime, ensuring thorough area coverage and enhanced visibility during night operations​ .

  • Professional Use:

    Professionals in various fields, including law enforcement, inspection, and maintenance, can rely on the MS32 for its robust performance and advanced features. The torch's ability to provide clear visibility in low-light conditions is crucial for safety and efficiency​ ​.


The IMALENT MS32 is not just a torch; it is a technological marvel that redefines the standards of portable lighting. Its 200,000-lumen output, advanced features, and durable construction make it the most potent torch available in the UK even in the world. Whether for professional use, outdoor adventures, or emergency preparedness, the MS32 offers unparalleled performance and reliability. It is the ultimate tool for anyone who demands the best illumination technology.

As the torch industry continues to evolve, the IMALENT MS32 is a testament to what is possible with cutting-edge engineering and innovation. For those seeking the brightest, most powerful torch on the market, the quest ends with the IMALENT MS32.