The Best Torches in the UK for 2024 with Over 100,000 Lumens

what is the brightest torch available uk?

When it comes to finding the brightest torch in the UK, the choices are diverse, with advancements in IMALENT LED technology pushing the boundaries of brightness. 100,000 lumens, 120,000 lumens, 200,000 lumens, IMALENT has been breaking through the brightness limit of torches In 2024, one torch stands out among the rest, boasting an impressive 200,000 lumens: the MS32 brightest torch

The MS32 brightest torch

The MS32 brightest torch is offering an astounding 200,000 lumens with a max beam distance of 1618 meters to illuminate even the darkest corners. This brightness is equivalent to 100 cars.MS32 brightest torch is the brightest torch in the world. Whether used in search and rescue operations, outdoor adventures or as an essential tool for law enforcement, the MS32's incredible brightness ensures visibility in the most challenging situations.

The MS32 the brightest torch
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IMALENT MS32 Brightest torch

The SR32 longest throw torch

The IMALENT SR32 longest throw torch. Light up the darkness with 120,000 lumens, and a max beam distance of 2080 meters. It's a super bright torch with a luminous intensity of 1,090,000 cd.

According to the international basketball court length standard of 28 meters, this torch can illuminate 74 basketball courts

The SR32 longest throw torch
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IMALENT SR32 120000 LM Brightest Torch

The MS18 high lumen torch 100,000 Lumens

Unleash unrivaled brightness with the Imalent MS18 high lumen torch, a high-performance torch delivering an astounding 100,000 lumens. Ideal for outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness, the MS18 high lumen torch combines advanced LED technology with rugged durability. Light up your path and stay prepared with the best in class.

imalent torch
imalent torch
imalent torch


In the relentless pursuit of illumination, IMALENT reigns as the unrivaled trailblazer, ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of possibility. From the 2018 MS18's 100,000 lumens to the current zenith, the MS32 at an astonishing 200,000 lumens, each torch epitomizes IMALENT's unwavering dedication to banishing darkness from the world.

When embarking on the quest for the brightest torch, envision IMALENT not merely as a brand but as an emblem of innovation and reliability. The MS32 brightest torch, SR32 longest throw torch, and MS18 high lumen torch showcase unparalleled brightness, avant-garde functionality, and enduring durability, cementing IMALENT's status as a pioneer in high-lumen torches.