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IMALENT Powerful Torches

Since its launch in 2012, Imalent torch has been regarded as a powerful torch brand that makes the world's most powerful torch. It was a real challenge for technicians to bring our passion for the next generation powerful torch to life, the result? Over 100,000 lumen output, a maximum beam distance of 1350 meters and the ability to provide large area illumination for hours. Even experts didn't think it was possible, until we made it possible.

Applications of Powerful Torches

A powerful torch has two main benefits: High lumen output and long duration. Torch owners love powerful torches because they illuminate a large area as if they brought the sun back at night and provide sustainable performance. Imalent set the benchmark of powerful torches even higher with the uncompromising use of the latest LED technology and best materials. The Imalent SR16 is the latest powerful LED torch from Imalent with up to 55,000 lumen output and 1715 meters of beam distance, it's a powerful, rechargeable LED torch that has been favored by search and rescue teams, cave explorers, torch collectors, and forestry guards.

Bringing a massive amount of light with a powerful torch is essential for many outdoor tasks such as searching and rescuing, traveling in complex terrain at night, self-protection, and signaling if you find yourself in trouble. Powerful torches like Imalent MS18 andImalent SR32 with 120,000 lumens the best option if you want the most powerful torch in the world. 

What Are Powerful EDC Torches?

An EDC(everyday carry) torch is generally more compact than conventional powerful torches, unlike larger torches which are favored mostly by professional users, EDC torches are great add-ups to your daily gadgets. Powerful EDC torches have great power: size ratio. Weighing in at 187 grams, the Imalent MS03 is the most powerful EDC torch with a whooping 13000 lumen output, you can either use it for dog walking at night and illuminate a dark alley while heading home, the strobe and turbo features can help you in emergencies too.

What Are The Best Powerful Torches?

The best powerful torches own an ambitious amount of lumen output, they are powered by the best rechargeable batteries, made of high-quality materials, and equipped with a built-in system for high-lumen performance.

Understanding your version of the best powerful torch is a big deal, depending on your applications, torches with similar lumen output might have completely different impacts on specific tasks. MS12 Mini is the brightest can-size LED torch with a max 65000 lumen output, it illuminates a large field right in front of you with a well-spread flood beam; The SR16 has a more focused beam, and produces 55,000 lumen output, the metal handle is more user-friendly too. Our collection of powerful torches is vast and worth discovering if you are interested.

Use of Powerful Torches In Emergency Situations

Torches are crucial when it comes to emergency situations, whether it's a rescue mission in the forest or power outages caused by Typhoon, you can count on your powerful torch to provide light and do a lot more than that, emergency firestarter, self-defense, long-distance signaling, send an SOS signal by projecting a batman signal into the sky, and more.

Technical Maximum

In high-lumen torches such as the Imalent MS18, It is essential that the power supply is efficient and consistant. Imalent has introduced several different models of high-drain, high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery solutions, including integrated battery packs for top powerful torches, they support fast charge and can be easily replaced with spare sets. 

The heart and soul of the powerful torches are the high-end LEDs, Imalent established great partnerships with well-respected LED manufacturers such as CREE and Luminus. From the thumb-size, EDC torch LD70 to more powerful models such as the world's first dual-beam powerful torch MR90, the combination between the latest LEDs and Imalent's innovation in torch technologies made powerful torches possible.

An EDC torch can make your daily activities safer and easier, simply hang an EDC torch like LD70 on your keychain and you don't need to worry about stepping into water puddles or walking alone in the dark no more, it also comes with different color options to match your daily dress code. 

The nature of Imalent Powerful Torches

Our engineers like to talk about the most perfect LED torch ever. Incrediblle lumen output, whilst being comfortable to use and always ready to on the go. All of the Imalent torches are following the same design philosophy, but designed for different applications. We build our torches to be rugged and powerful, long-lasting and smart, so you can have something to rely on during emergencies.

How to store a powerful torch

These powerful torches are designed to produce powerful beams, even the smallest torch LD70 can deliver the same amount of lumen output as a set of car's headlights, please use them responsibly. The 4th brightest torch Imalent MR90 dual-beam torch has up to 50,000 lumen output, it can be used as an emergency firestarter, which suggests you should store these torchs with care. While you can simply lock the torch by pressing the button 4 times(5 times for MS18), it's recommended to unscrew the battery pack if you decide to put it aside for some time.

How to carry a powerful torch

Most of the Imalent torches come with a carrying accessory, while most of the torches can be easily carried with a holster, EDC torches such as LD70 also come with a lanyard, while the brightest torch MS18 comes with a shoulder strap for carrying.

While carrying a powerful torch, make sure your torch is on lock mode or unscrewed, having a powerful torch turned on by accident while carrying it is no fun, safety measurements are easy to be done and will potentially save the power of your torch, sometimes even your property.

How to Use a Powerful Torch During an Emergency?

Depending on the variety of applications, the recommended way of use varies:

As an alternative light source:

Use the torch on low mode for a long duration, all of the powerful torches from Imalent can provide a more than efficient amount of light even on low mode.

As a self-protection tool:

All Imalent torches have two special modes, turbo, and strobe. You can turn on the turbo with a double-click, or reach the strobe with another double-click. On turbo mode, you will reach maximum output level, generating a really powerful beam to temporarily blind the attacker, you can also use strobe for the same function, strobe is considered a more efficient mode for self-protection.

For search and rescue:

In large and flat areas, you can go straight with Turbo to locate the person as soon as you can, then switch to lower modes as you get closer.

In difficult terrains such as mountains or wild forests, since the beam won't travel far, using mid modes for a longer duration is recommended. 

Advantages of Powerful Torches

Powerful torches are brighter and more eco-friendly. Professional outdoor adventurers are the first to discover the importance of long-lasting, high-lumen LED torches, Imalent users took our best torches to discover the unknown, cave explorers crossing the narrow channels that were sculpted by streams of water, and revealing the view of the whole inner camber where the sun has never seen; Explorers with MS18 in their hands, stepped into abandoned underground tunnels that have not been seen after world war two, bring history back into light with one portable torch. 

1: Unmatchable Illumination

The ability to illuminate a large area is unreplaceable, Imalent powerful torches are portable lumen monsters capable of illuminating the whole football court and more. 

2: Extraordinary Battery Life

The ability to illuminate a large area is unreplaceable, Imalent powerful torches are portable lumen monsters capable of illuminating the whole football court and more. 

3: Emergency Solution

Doesn't matter if you are facing a power outage, get lost from your team in the wild, or need to illuminate a large area, Imalent powerful torches are the best solution for all. 

Features of Powerful Torches

1: Beam Types

There are two different kinds of beams when it comes to powerful torches, the first one is a flood beam, and the other one is a spotted beam. The type of beam is a result of the choice of LED and reflector design. But Imalent MR90 produces both beams with an innovative design inspired by astrology.

2: Battery Duration

While powerful torches like SR16 can last up to 98 hours on a 50-lumens moonlight mode, they can last for about 60 minutes on over 10,000 lumens ""high mode"" too.

3: Construction

Made of Aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy body, equipped with advanced current control system, each Imalent torch is made to be rough and reliable.

4: Size

Not only Imalent has the brightest torch in the world, but we also provide torches with the best lumen: size ratio on the market as well.

No matter if you want an EDC torch, a can-size torch, or the world's brightest torch, we have the best for you.